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The Sukhoi aerobatic aeroplanes of the Su-26/29/31 series demonstrate superior acceleration and rate-of-climb performance, excellent controllability, high level of permissible g-loads, and all-round field of view from the cockpit, unsurpassed structural integrity (destructive load 23 g), which makes it possible for the pilot, when coupled with 35-degree seat back tilt, to repeatedly generate +12/-10-g loads, giving him a significant advantage in handling this relatively high-speed aircraft within a limited flying space. In case of emergencies, the pilot is in a position to escape from the aeroplane using the SKS-94M ejection system.

The Sukhoi acrobatic aircraft has emerged as a family of superior aerobatic aeroplanes, allowing pilots to use them for training and world class aerobatics competitions and exhibition shows. Since 1996, a majority of international contestants enter the competitions with Sukhoi aeroplanes.

By early 2003, there had been 153 Su brand sports aeroplanes produced, 128 of which were delivered to foreign customers.

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