24th-27th November 2004
Djakarta. Indonesia

Sukhoi took part for the first time in the Indodefence Expo & Forum international air show, held between 24th and 27th November 2004, to promote its aircraft in South-East Asia. The Djakarta exhibition was sponsored by Indonesia’s Ministry of Defence. The event was attended by 252 exhibitors from 28 countries of the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. Among them were 16 defence contractors from Russia, grouped into a single exposition under the umbrella of the Rosoboronexport company. Sukhoi took part in the air show in order to present the holding's products and services, including military and civil projects, upgrading options and aftersales support.

Sukhoi's presence, set up as a closely knit integral part of the single Russian display at the trade show, displayed the Company's line-up of aircraft. The spotlight was on military projects: the Su-30MK plane and the upgraded multi-role single-seat Su-27SK fighter.

The military section of the Company's exhibit also featured major air-launched weapons and fire control systems. These were air-to-surface missiles Kh-59MK and Kh-59ME, the air-to-radar missile Kh-58E, and the upgraded air-to-ship extended-range missile "Moskit-MBE" 3M80E unveiled by defence contractor GosMKB Raduga defence.

Sukhoi's civil aircraft were represented with a multi-role aeroplane for commuter and regional airlines, the Su-80GP, and the amphibian Be-103 plane, which had already generated interest in a number of countries in South-East Asia.

Sukhoi's exhibit at Indodefence-2004 international highlighted the varied nature of its activities, its high R&D and production potential, and its willingness to cooperate with foreign partners in both military and civil aircraft.

The participants of the high-profile regional air show displayed a keen interest in our developments. Meetings and negotiations were arranged with Indonesian dignitaries and potential business partners.

The Company's stand was visited by Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who said that Indonesia was pleased with its business relationship with Sukhoi, a leading Russian manufacturer of combat aircraft, and intended to continue doing business with it.

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