2nd-5th September 2004
Gelenjik. Russia

This trade show traditionally takes place at the R&D facilities of TANTK (JSC) and at Gelenjik airport.

Sukhoi was represented by the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Yury Gagarin (JSC) (KnAAPO), a member of the holding. The naval aviation show saw a unique demonstration of the capabilities of the new-generation amphibian Be-103 produced by KnAAPO. The Be-103, piloted by a crew of one or two, is designed to carry 4-5 passengers or cargoes up to 400kg over a distance of up to 1,180km. The amphibian has a wide scope of application: from passenger and executive communications functions to fire-prevention deployment and environmental monitoring of water requiring sampling.

Following negotiations at the show, representatives of Brazil's MSA Group signed an agreement with KnAAPO for delivery of nine Be-103 aeroplanes. The order will be finalised once the machines have been certified in Brazil.

Sukhoi traditionally uses air shows to demonstrate its combat aircraft. The legendary aerobatic team Russkiye Vityazi, or Russian Knights, emerged as an undisputed leader in the aerobatic exhibition. The Gelenjik air show was also used by Sukhoi to present its attack aircraft the Su-25.

Recent years have seen Sukhoi devote a lot of attention to civil aviation as well. The KnAAPO stand offered its visitors, in addition to models of the Su-27 and Su-30 fighters, models of civil aircraft: the RRJ series of regional passenger planes (Russian Regional Jet), and the Su-80GP.


Sukhoi intends to continue its large-scale participation in events aimed at promoting aviation in Russia, generating interest in aviation projects among the Russian public, first of all young people.

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