The creation of Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company is in line with the interests of the state, the regions, our partners, the Russian public and each employee of the holding.

Well aware of its responsibilities towards the state and public, Sukhoi Company builds its social and business philosophy based on experience, traditions and corporate values.

Sukhoi Holding Company strives to become:

  • a high-performance, fast-growing company, with excellent investment prospects and a team of high-tech professionals;
  • a think-tank of the Russian aviation industry, a participant in international projects, with a global role to play;
  • a model of stability, reliability and corporate business standards in line with the interests of the Russian state, its allies and strategic partners.

Sukhoi's mission is to help the Russian defence industry realise in full its industrial, intellectual and financial potential by developing and exporting cutting-edge aircraft engineering products for civil and military applications.

Sukhoi is proud to make a significant contribution to the defence effort of the Russian Federation, the strengthening of the economic and industrial infrastructure of the country, and the shaping of a new business philosophy with a high positive social impact.

Sukhoi's primary objective is to set up a high-performance high-technology aircraft-manufacturing company with a global status.

The holding's growth strategy provides for three types of objectives.

Short-term objectives (2003-2005): to maintain and increase research, development and production momentum achieved by the design and production facilities to ensure effective fulfilment of contracts made.

Medium-term objectives (2006-2010): to keep a competitive edge in the aircraft market through developing and manufacturing new Su-32 and Su-35 type fighters, the civil RRJ planes and general-purpose aircraft, and branching into new types of aftersales services.

Long-term objectives (2011-2015): to expand into new aircraft markets under programmes to produce new-generation aircraft for frontline aviation, civil aviation and unmanned flight vehicles by pooling resources with Russian and foreign partners, as well as to scale up aftersales services.

When developing its corporate strategy, Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company strives to bring it into line with the ever-changing requirements of the modern world. The strategy sets targets for the major lines of the Company's activities.

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