The RF Ministry of Defence having placed an order, Sukhoi Company (JSC) has undertaken development of the state-of-the-art Su-32 fighter-bomber with a specification to perform tasks involving destruction of ground and airborne targets, air reconnaissance and offshore patrol in all weathers. To date, a development batch of eight units has been produced, with state integration tests already in progress and scheduled for completion in 2005.

Su-marque aircraft upgrading progress

Upgrading of Su-24M

The RF Ministry of Defence having placed an order, a programme has resulted to develop the upgraded frontline Su-24M2 bomber with a view to upgrading the aircraft in the inventory of the RF Air Forces.

The upgrading is aimed at improving the accuracy of the navigation system and the performance of air-launched weapons (ADO). The Su-24M2 planes are to have their entire core avionics replaced, including the onboard computer, navigation and cockpit information display systems.

Upgrading of the Su-27SM and Su-27UB

The programme to upgrade the Su-27 aircraft, the best aircraft in its class, undertaken at the request of the Ministry of Defence, will yield an aircraft with high-spec aerodynamic performance, avionics, control systems, etc.

Upgrading of the Su-25SM

The programme to upgrade the Su-25SM front-line attack aircraft as a platform for subsequent enhancement of the RF Air Forces aircraft inventory has been in progress since 2001. The upgrading effort is focused on improving the ADO performance and accuracy.

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